Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today when David got out of summer school, Ashley and I decided to take the boys to Hungry Mother to play-it was cloudy and cool at the time and we thought it would be fun to rent a paddle boat. We all fit in one together and we had fun paddling around the lake. Hope was miserable in her life jacket so that was a challenge, but Dave loved being out on the water. When we turned our boat in for the day, the sun came out and the boys wanted to stay and swim at the beach-we obliged! It was pure heaven out there today-the weather was perfect and not too crowded.
I LOVE this picture of my fearless one jumping off of the high dive at the lake.

LOOK-David is swimming solo without a life jacket, water wings, or anything!!! Super proud of this little fish:) He has come so far lately with his swimming and we are all proud of Dave!

Look at that look of pure joy on that boys face. Unbelieveable. Even with his super strong will that boy melts my heart and makes life so fun.

Bathing beauty. Hope took a little siesta on my chest while the boys swam. It was so peaceful to sit in my NEW beach chair, cuddling my sleeping girl and watching the boys have a ball in the water. It made all the work of getting there totally worth it!! I had Ashley's help thankfully, but it is super hard work to get three kiddos dressed and sunscreened to go near any water:)

Give this kid a pair of goggles and a ball and he will entertain himself for HOURS in the water!

Hope looks like she is lifeguarding in this picture!! She was super serious today but was enjoying those goldfish crackers:)

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  1. We just missed you all! We were camping at Hungry Mother the first part of this week! Oh, well, maybe we will be there at the same time next time :0)!!!