Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hope's Party Day

For Hope's first birthday we had a little party at home with some family and a few of Hope's friends. We got out the moon bounce and water slide and Mike grilled a few hot dogs. It was super laid back and not my usual OCD party where I way overplan everything!! I did not even get invitations out-poor third child!!

Before the party, my parents gave Hope her new pink cozy coupe! It is so cute and now she and Dave can ride together!!
I love this expression that Hope is giving to Caroline while they were singing Happy Birthday to her!

Daddy loving on the birthday girl!

Mike's mom got to come from Texas so we decided to do Hope's party during her visit!

Bouncing on the moon bounce before the party!

We were so thrilled that Uncle Chad and Clayton could make it for Hope's party. Clayton is so sweet with Hope and he ran to her and kissed her when he got here. I also must add that Clayton picked out some super cute clothes for Hope!!

My birthday girl loves to party!

Some big kids played ball on the golf course and I love the expression here on Kyle's face!

Swimming with her friend, Brady. He is her only baby friend and they are so cute together-unless she is stealing toys from him, but we are working on that!

Ready to dig into the cake!!

This girl loved the cake!! She loved it so much that it was in her hair, up her nose, and all over everything!!

We laughed because Hope really got into the birthday gifts. She fussed if they were not coming fast enough for her!! She grinned at every gift and really was into this part of the party!! Here she is getting a new baby doll that Kelsey picked out.

I love this picture of my Memaw holding Hope and reading her one of hew new books. She got several new books and that is perfect because this girl loves books:)

Hope and Daddy both crashed after the party:) Is there any doubt now who Hope looks like??

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  1. Birthday hugs from us to sweet Hope!! I love the "crashed" picture..what a perfect Father's Day photo:0)! Kyle looks about 12 or 13 to me in this post ~ how tall is he now?! It's so nice to see what's going on with you all on this blog...we should try to get together soon.