Sunday, June 27, 2010

Snapshot of Life

I know I have said this a million times, but I love summer. I am just as giddy as the kids are on the last day of school. I know I often joke with other SAHMs (stay at home mommys) that we live for the first day of school, but that is really not the truth. I love my babes, I love water and sunshine, and I love a less structured life for a few weeks.

We are definitely enjoying the pool and the sunshine, but our life right now is just as busy as during the school year.

David is doing summer school at his school which will end this Friday. We also have to fit in all his different therapies which includes Mon and Wed. at 8 a.m. Brutal.

Kyle swims three mornings/week at 7:30-thankfully his father can take him on his way to work and I can pick him up at 9a.m.

Starting this week Kyle will be volunteering at a summer enrichment program for special needs kids on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-2:30. He is super excited about this and really is taking his volunteer role seriously. I cannot wait to see how a real day goes for him. He visited last week and met a few of the 3's and 4's that he will work with.

Mike and Kyle are in the midst of Allstar Baseball Season. They are practicing like crazy getting ready for a tournament that starts July 5th. I get nervous during Allstars, but I going to try to enjoy it this season. Last year I paced during every game with a newborn Hope in my arms.

We are going to start the library programs this week. We have been visiting the library weekly to get new books and movies, but I am being a mean mommy and making my boys read this summer:)

That is a snapshot of our life right now. I love summer and I get really sad when I start seeing the Back to School suppplies being rolled out at Walmart.

This past weekend we went to a swim meet with Kyle in Abingdon. He did great and got third place overall in his age group!! It was a hot, outdoor meet, so thankfully my parents came and helped with Hope and Dave so they could play at home with the AC!

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