Friday, June 25, 2010

The Week

I simply cannot believe that it is Friday. This week has been a blur of house renovation stuff and visiting with Mike's mom. She came last Friday and flew back to Texas this morning.

Over the last few weeks, we have had a renovation going on in our basement. Mr. Greer has painted all the nasty, dark paneling and now it is off white!! Then, Mr. Charlie and Dwayne pulled out all the nasty carpet and put down new hardwood floors. It is unbelieveable how much bigger the space looks and now I can actually enjoy the basement without needing an antidepressant! HA!

Then, Mike's mom arrived and we decided that new blinds were in order and off to the store we went. She installed four new blinds and now the space looks even better with natural light! The previous blinds were all broken which meant that we could not open them.

Here is a glimpse of the "school room" with the new floors and new storage bins that my mom found at a yard sale!! Love it! This room is technically the office because that is where our desktop computer and desk are (and typically where I blog from) but I kind of took it over and made it into a little classroom/playroom. Pardon my pledge bottle and Diet Dr. Pepper can!!

Here is a glimpse of the family room with the new paint job, floors and blinds!! I so wish that I had before pics, but just take my word for it that this is a much brighter space!

Mike's mom was invaluable helping me tie it all together with hanging pictures and placing our stuff. She has a good eye with decorating and we always do house stuff when she is here! Between our three kiddos and all the work we did, I bet she is snoozing on that plane this afternoon!

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