Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last week of school

I have been super slack in my blogging lately, simply because I have not had time to sit at the computer. The last week of school for our household was nonstop action. I was literally at the school everyday during the last week for special stuff and I did not have time to even download pictures. Thankfully my mother came for three days and helped me with Hope so I could go enjoy school stuff and Hope could stay home and get her naps in.

Speaking of Hope, she is having a really hard time with her ears right now. She is on Augmentin trying to clear the infection and fluid out, and she is also teething. That is a rough combo for a sweet litle girl.

The start of our busy week was the second grade kick ball tournament!! Kyle was super excited because my boy loves a healthy dose of competition, but also because Mike was asked to be one of the umpires! It was so fun to see him put on shorts and a tshirt to head to work:)

Mike looking like an official umpire!

Kyle was the pitcher for his team and here he is with his PE teacher, Mrs. Clawson. Both of my boys love Mrs. Clawson:)

Kyle kicking the ball. Unfortunately, halfway through the tournament the rain started and they did not get to finish, but they had fun anyway.

During the last week of school, David's class had an alphabet play for the parents in the classroom. David was Tim the Tiger and he did so great on his lines!! We had been practicing super hard, and he did great.

The second graders had a patriotic musical during the last week of school and here is Kyle belting out patriotic songs with his classmates! Kyle has really gotten into singing this year and wants me to find him voice lessons.

On the last day of school, kindergarten has a beach party out on the lawn and Pops showed up to surprise David! David was so happy that Pops was there to party with him on the last day.

Jamming to the beach music!

This picture is so precious to me! Here is David with his teacher. We are Hokie fans and she is a big UT fan-she was so thrilled that on the last day of school David sported his UT orange just for her!!

David with two friends-Caleb and Hailey!

Pops, David and friends dancing to the beach music at one of the stations!

David did amazingly well in the sack race!! I love the look on his face in this picture!!

Here is most of David's class giving big love to their sweet teacher. I have loved David's team this year and his classroom teacher was a sweet, patient soul. David has had a great year with her and it was really tearful to say goodbye to her this year. We all wiped a few tears away when it was time for the final hug. I always have an emotional time saying goodbye on that last day-how do you properly say thank you to someone who has loved on your child for a solid year?

David's class ended their day on this fun water slide! He loved this so much.

Kyle's grade ended their year with some games out at the park beside the school. The favorite for everyone was definitely the tug-of-war and my competitive child had a ball! Here he is as one of the anchors ready to pull!

I love this picture of my dad, Pops playing in the sand with his granddaughter out at the lake. There is something so sweet and tender about this picture and I love it!!

Tradition for our family includes that on the last day of school we go to Hungry Mother to swim for the afternoon. We have been doing it since Kyle was in kindergarten and after the craziness of the last week of school, it is just a perfect and relaxing way to end a great year. Granted it is not so relaxing for a momma to take three kiddos to the lake, but this year I took lots of help-my parents and Ashley!

It makes me so happy that my children love water. I grew up swimming at the pool and at the lake, and I love that my kiddos are too! Ashley and I surprised Kyle and went off of the diving boards with him. I actually went off of the high dive!! I was so proud of myself and proud of the fact that my bathing suit stayed in place!!

My little girl already loves the sand and water-she is just like her momma! I love that she is not too prissy to crawl throught the sand and that she is finally learning to keep her sun hat on!

That is it for us-we had a huge last week of school with so many special plays, programs, field days, and Special Games tied into one little week. It was fun, but this family is ready for the pace of life to slow down just a wee bit!

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