Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 has been laid back, filled with good food and family, and simply wonderful.  My pictures are totally out of order, but here are pictures from our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 
This was taken this morning after princess opened up her Minnie Mouse dress, headband, and sunglasses. 
My boys are big Miami Heat fans, so David wanted a Lebron James hersey and Kyle wanted a Dwayne Wade jersey.  They are so excited to wear them in April when they get to watch the heat play the Charlotte Bobcats in Charlotte!!  Woot Woot!  Thank you Barbara for giving my boys a fun night to look forward to in April:)
Not only did David get his jersey he wanted, but he also got his Air Jordan shoes.  He is so happy with his shoes and new jersey:)
On Christmas Eve Day we head to Radford to my parents house to gather with my side of the family.  We usually stay in  RAdford until it is time to hit the road to get home to Marion for church at 7.  Hope got this new baby and she is pretty big!  Kyle thinks this baby is weird looking and is quite freaked out by it.  Hope and David have had fun tormenting Kyle with this new baby! 
David gets SOOO excited about every gift and here he is modeling his new hat from Uncle Chad and Net Net.  David makes christmas fun because he says "holy moly" for every present.  I think he could open a lump of coal and still get excited and sayd "holy moly!" 
This morning David found a spy kit under the tree.  He loves the show NCIS and with his new walkie talkies from Matt and Ashley and his new spy kit stuff he definitely looks the part:)
Kyle was thrilled with this signed Tim Tebow picture that he found under the tree as well as his new mens sized mountain bike to ride on the golf course. 
We arrived at my Mom's super early to help out because the day before Christmas Eve my mom spent the entire afternoon after church in the ER with my grandma who has superficial blood clots in her leg.  Thankfully she was treated and released.  Christmas Eve morning at 11:30 my Dad had an appointment with his oncologist.  A previous CT showed "spots" on his liver, pancreas, and lung and needless to say we were all worried due to his leukemia and past thyroid cancer.  We had gotten ourselves pretty worked up over these spots and blessedly his oncologist was not concerned about them and called them granulomas.  We all breathed a sigh of relief and smiled a little bigger on Christmas Eve. 
My Mom got all four grandsons a new shirt and tie and as you can see our David loved it. 
Me with all three of my sweet babies.  David loves his new tie from Oma and Bob and not only wore it to church on Sunday but also wore it christmas eve:)
My parents got each family a cornhole game and my boys are so excited!!  I love sweet David's face peeking out from it:) 

This christmas has been wonderful with very little running around but with lots of quality family time.  On Christmas Day we do not leave the house and my parents and grandmother come to visit us and spend the day playing with the kids with their new toys.  It is a laid back pj kind of day and I love it.  Merry christmas dear blog readers-thank you for reading about our family and keeping us in your prayers.  Merry Christmas!

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