Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Hangover

We have thoroughly enjoyed christmas break.  It is truly the most together family time we have all year and even though we have not had huge plans, we have enjoyed being together and trying to get our house under control.  It is so obvious that we have been in an alternate universe the last year or so because our house may look neat and orderly on the surface but open one closet or cabinet and you will see it is truly a wreck.  The last year of our life we have packed, unpacked, and our children have been blessed by new things over the last year. We are finally able to take some time and get rid of stuff they have outgrown, organize, and catch up. 

Mike and David head to UVA tomorrow for his December checkup.  I dread the lab draw for him, but the staff there is always so wonderful that it is fun to see all of our friends there and catch up.  I wonder when I will stop getting nervous everytime we head down the interstate for UVA???  We appreciate your prayers that tomorrow's checkup is stress-free for David and that we get good news.  He has not been drinking great the last year days so I pray for that darn Creatinine level for his kidney function. 

Tomorrow I am staying home because I am trying to get this house ready for some of Kyle's buddies to come over tomorrow night to watch the VT bowl game with him.  This is what he wanted for his birthday this year and he has invited several buddies over and he has planned the menu of junk food of goodies to eat while they cheer on the Hokies. 

I will update tomorrow after his clinic visit.  We are so thankful that you continue to hold us in prayer as we navigate our post-treatment life.  I will admit that it has been harder than I thought to finish treatment. I thought it would be this big celebration, and though we are thankful he successfully completed his regimen, it is very scary. 

Happy organizing and cleaning day!

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