Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Heart Christmas Break

I love Christmas break.  It is the only time in the whole year that we are all off together.  Mike has to work a few days here and there and he enjoys using this time of year to catch up at work when it is quiet in his office.  We are blessed; however, with time to be together and catching up around the house. 

The first morning of Christmas break Kyle and I were heading to the wellness center for his swim practice and I was going to walk and listen to a Podcast of a sermon series that I am enjoying.  We both commented how beautiful the sunrise was that morning driving to the gym. 
The first day full day of christmas break all five of us headed to church to serve at the food pantry. One day each month FUMC gives out food boxes to the community.  It is a huge operation and we are so blessed to have it.  Mike loaded boxes on the carts, Hope and Kyle pushed these carts and helped load them into their cars.  Kyle and Hope worked tirelessly for three hours giving out boxes.
This little girls' new name is the food pantry queen!  She loves her rolling cart and really is awesome at rolling it around to load up each person's allotment of food.  She cried when the boxes were all given out and it ws time to leave. 
Mrs. Sylvia gave her a ride on one of the carts when she was tired:)  Sadly the boxes of food were all given out when there was still a line, but in less than three hours 280 boxes of food were distributed as well as a Walmart reusable bag with a ham and full christmas dinner inside.  Mr. Norman does a wonderful job organizing the food pantry and keeping it stocked for our neighbors in our community. 
One of the things that we often do not have time for during the year is sleepovers and playdates.  One night of break Kyle was allowed to invite three of his good friends from his AAU basketball team over for a sleepover.  David and Hope enjoyed the boys being here and for breakfast Mike made them chocolate chip pancakes.  I think four boys age 11 giggle more than a bunch of teenage girls!  We enjoyed having them over.
Last night we headed to Bristol to finish up our christmas to do list.  As a treat for the kids we rode through Speedway in Lights at the Bristol Motor Speedway.  We have never done it (gasp!) and Hope and David loved all the amazing lights, but Kyle and Mike enjoyed driving on the actual race track.  Fun, family time for sure!!

We are in prayer; however, for our friends the Pughs.  Misty works with me at the preschool and we are family friends.  They got home from Disney Wednesday night and Thursday morning they took their son Jack to the doctor for some symtpoms that concerned them during their vacation.  Their pediatrician sent them to Winston Salem to the children's hospital for an inpatient stay due to a diagnosis of juvenile diabetes.  We know that they have God on their side and they are a wonderful christian family with lots of support, but this diagnosis is a life changing one and we pray for them as they learn about their new liftstyle. 

Today is another day of resting, catching up around the house and getting ready to celebrate christmas with family! 

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  1. I have just recently come across your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts (old & new). So thankful your family is in a much better place this year for Christmas. I was also blessed with 2 sweet boys and then surprised and blessed with a sweet girl. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!