Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Phone Dump

I decided to dump some pictures off of my iphone today and I found some gems that I had forgotten about!

My grandmother was just recently released from the hospital due to asthma attacks.  She was in the hospital for well over a week and she is now home at my parents house.  On our way home from UVA we stopped by to see her and David climbed up in bed with her and I captured this sweet moment. 
We are in the holiday spirit around this household and this week David, hope and I decided to try our hand at some gingerbread cookies.  We had such fun and the house smelled wonderful.
My little decorator loved making them because we had just read the gingerbread boy book at preschool.  This little girl is over the moon excited about christmas.  It is so fun to have a three year old in the house at christmas.  She did throw a temper fit over getting her hair cut today which is another story for another day:(
These two girls make me laugh.  Here is Hope with her friend Sydney.  Sydney's mom, Misty and I work together and at least one day/week after preschool we got out for lunch.  These girls are so cute together and are obsessed with singing the blessing loudly wherever we go.  Here I captured there serious praying faces:)
Hope loves her new owl hat she got this week!  It is so cute:)
I found this picture from our last day at UVA when we last went for his scan. This is his doctor Dr. Belyea and we really trust and respect him a lot.  When he checks out David, David always has to have a stethoscope to listen to Dr. Belyea:)  Such a cute picture. 
We are on the homestretch to Christmas break around our house.  We are getting organized and ready for christmas and trying to remember the real reason for the season:) 

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