Sunday, December 23, 2012

What a Difference

What a complete difference a year makes.  This morning during church I got so overcome in thanksgiving to our God.  This time last year...

this is how little my babies were.  David was starting to lose his hair from the chemo and we were facing 30ish additional chemo treatments.  We had only been home a few weeks from the hospital from his initial surgery and we were just happy to be home.  We also knew that right after New Years we were facing a huge scan to see if his body was responding to the chemo. 
Amazingly by God's abundant grace, mercy and love we are here in 2012.  Quite honestly there were several times during the last year  we wondered if David would still be with us this Christmas.  I am overcome with gratitude that not only is he here but he is healthy, just had a clean scan a month ago, and he has a beautiful new blonde hairdo.  I am typing through tears right now, but we are so thankful and feel so blessed. 
I am not sure why these two love to slow dance, but they do and I captured it this morning. David is sporting his new tie from Oma and Bob and Hope is wearing one of her many christmas dresses.  These two really are the best of friends. 

This Christmas I am thankful.  Thankful that there will be three stocking hanging this year, thankful that David got a wonderful report a few weeks ago, and thankful to this wonderful life that God has blessed us with.  I love David's new hair but you have to now look closely under his shirt to see the scars that prove what he has been through.  The scary month of June where he battled infection after infection and we watched helplessly as  his stats were all over the place on his monitor are becoming a distant memory.

I pray; however, that the scary awful battle scars fade but that the memory of God's faithful presence in our lives never fades.  I pray that we never forget how he ministered to us during the darkest days of our lives and that all five of us will now go spread his love because of how faithful he was to us.  Praise his name-Emmanuel!!  We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas as we all celebrate that little baby that came to change us all forever. 

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