Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy 11th

Dear Sweet Kyle,

How can it be that you are 11 today? 

It just seems like yesterday you were born at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville.  You were our first born and we were so excited to be parents when you came along.  Your Daddy was thrilled the afternoon of your birth to snuggle in the hospital bed in our room and watch the  Steelers with you:)
I am so proud of the young man you are.  I get so excited thinking of the awesome plans that God has in store for you.  Stay faithful to God son because He knows the plans that He has for you.  I am overcome thinking that the last 11 years have gone to fast and now we are on the verge of the teenage years and all the drama that will bring.  I love watching you play basketball and baseball and seeing how God has blessed you with the calm and quiet gene that you did not inherit from your mother.  You are your father's son in many, many ways and I am so thankful that you have such an awesome role model in him to look up to. 
I am also so proud of the maturity that you have shown over the last year.  IT breaks my heart how many times we missed big events in your life to be with David at the hospital.  You handled those things better than I often did and I will never forget how kind, compassionate, and loving you were to your brother throughout his treatment.  Not many could have handled what you have handled with the grace that you have shown.
So, here is to another amazing year of following your dreams and following God.  Stay true to Him and just know wherever life takes you over the next year, your Daddy and I will be there pushing you and cheering you on.  Thank you for being you and may God bless you today on your birthday and all year through. 


p.s. lets try to pick up a few more books to read on your own this year without us having to make you-ok? 

p.s.s a few more vegetables would probably be a good idea too!

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