Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hokie Celebration and Hoops

I feel like Christmas break is going soooo fast. I miss my little preschoolers but we are enjoying laid back family life.  Kyle's birthday was several weeks ago and it was the same day as the big preschool christmas production.  For his birthday he wanted several of his buddies to come over and watch the Hokie bowl game with him.
David got to the party just a few minutes past kick-off and jumped right in with the boys. 
This was a great group of boys and they were so kind to Hope and David.  I cooked mozarella cheese sticks, pigs in a blanket, ordered pizza, and had a cookie cake made for the big event.  The boys hung out in our basement and cheered on the Hokies and it was wild when Hokies won in overtime! 
Hope is coming out of her shyness because she was all involved in "da boys" and the party.  She stayed downstairs and hung out with them:)
This morning Kyle had a basketball scrimmage so we were excited to go cheer on our Hornets.  We love our AAU basketball family and because of the holidays we have not seen them.  David wore his Hornets jersey, his new Jordans, and his Under Armor headband to look like his hero, Lebron James:) 
Christmas break gives lots of opportunity for snuggles.  These two mostly are so sweet together. 
For the party I made each boy a cup with their name on it.  When you get to be 11 no longer can you do a goody bag as a thank you for coming with playgdough and stickers in it.  I used my cricut and vinyl and made each boy a cup to use for the party and then they could take it home.  Hope insisted to have a cup but she wanted hers to be "girl colors." 
The party wore these two sweeties out:) 

I am so thankful for the great group of boys that Kyle hangs out with.  Mike and I really enjoyed spending time with those boys and they made us laugh.  Teh boys decided that the Hokies did not do well when I was in the room so they sent me to my room to watch the game:) 

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