Friday, December 28, 2012

Clinic and Hokies

This morning Mike and David left before sunrise to head to UVA for our monthly clinic visit.  Blood pressure, weight, and other vitals were great and where they should be.  Poor pumpkin had to go through an EKG which he hates.  There is no rationalizing with him-he hates those blasted stickers and he does NOT want them on him.  Sigh.  We do not have the EKG results yet.  It is vital to keep an eye of his heart functioning because of all the radiation and chemo he has had.  I really hate cancer.

His lab work came back good except for that blasted Creatinine.  Last month it was perfect at .7 and sadly just four weeks later today it had spiked to .9 which means that his potassium and BUN number are out of whack.  This is very concerning to us and they thought about giving him a bolus of fluid but the kidney team was consulted and they said to hydrate him at home and if we want to recheck labs in a week or so.  Despite our best efforts over the holiday he probably has not gotten his 60 ounces each day and between that and his sickness two weeks ago the kidney doctor is not too concerned. 

We did not get tragic news today but I just like leaving there with all great news.  That kidney function is as crucial as relapse in terms of his overall health and survival.  I spend as much time praying about his kidney as I do relapse.  Poor pumpkin.

David napped on the way home and he is excited to be hanging with Kyle and some of his buddies who are over to watch the Hokie bowl game with him.  Kyle's buddies are so awesome and inclusive to David and he is loving hanging with the big boys.  My heart overflows for what David has had to endure because cancer entered his life.  David; however, maintains a smile and a praise on his lips regardless of his circumstances.  I could learn a  lot from David Robinson.  Go Hokies!

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