Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Highlights

Around New Years I always try to do a highlight post from the previous year.  This year I have really struggled with it because frankly I have cried, prayed, traveled and been away from home way too much.  On the surface I really did not think that 2012 needed a highlight post.  Then on second thought this year has been very difficult, but it has also been the year that I have seen first hand the "amazingness" of our God.  I guess my cushy, comfy life did not allow me the opportunity to lean on our God until my baby was in agony on the 7th floor of UVA hospital. 

So here are the highlights of 2012. 

I will sing of the Lord's great love forever, with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations. 

Psalm 89:1

Through UVA we met some amazing families battling their own nightmares, and here is David with Haley.  We were next door neighbors for two weeks after David's surgery and they are such a special family to us.  We vented together, cried together, and watched our babies enjoy playing together.  We were even rowdy enough one time that we needed a security guard to intervene!  (Haley is still at home waiting on a heart:)
We were blessed with amazing prayer warriors and friends.  Ashley, Matt, and Jason were constant friends and visitors to us while at UVA. 
We were so thankful that the only snow of 2012 we were home and David was able to bundle up and enjoy it for a few minutes:)
David got a very special visit from the Eagle, Challenger!!
We were blessed in 2012 with wonderful support from David's school and here is Mrs. Hubble and Rocky Duke, David's Monkey in his chair. 
While we were home we enjoyed watching our Kyle pitch for regular season and All Stars. 
David not only played a tball game or two but he was asked to throw out the first pitch of the Little League Season.  It was a special moment because not only was he in uniform that day but Kyle got to catch the pitch. 
We were so blessed with Camp Pendleton while we were in Charlottesville.  Not only did we make lots of memories in that cozy condo, but we also enjoyed the playground down the street. 
We were away so much last summer, but in between treatments, we were allowed to come home for 2 1/2 days over David's birthday and the fourth of July.  Riding on that boat with the sunshine on our face felt like pure heaven!!
There was one day in the month of June after David's port removal that he was in bad shape. His stats on his monitor were crazy and he would not speak or respond to us.  Mike and I were heartbroken because we were afraid that he had lost his fight and spunk.  We called my parents and my Mom brought down Kyle and Hope to try to cheer him up.  Within several hours of their arrival he was interacting with them and responding to them.  Mike and I were so relieved and happy after several dark and exhausting days of watching his monitor. 
David's 8th birthday was an emotional day for us all.  We had to head back to UVA that afternoon but we had lunch with some of David's favorite people and went to the movies to see Brave before heading to Charlottesville. 
One of the highlights was a visit from our friends at SMyth County Ambulance who came to visit and who brought David a huge surprise!!!
Over Labor Day Mike took Kyle and Hope to Shreveport to spend time with his Dad.  Here is Opa and all of his grandkids except David.  We had no idea that only 6 weeks after this picture was taken that Opa would be going to heaven. This picture is precious to us now. 
This little love has thoroughly enjoyed preschool with Mommy and friends this past fall.  She loves it so much and I am thankful to spend this time with her doing something we both love before kindergarten in 18 months. 
In September we took a day trip to Dollywood which was our first getaway to somewhere besides Charlottesville for family fun.  We had a ball!

It was sad that Opa passed to unexpectedly, but the time in Arkansas with Mike's whole extended family was a blessing.  We enjoyed time with lots and lots of family, met their children, and enjoyed the fellowship despite the sad reason we had all gathered.  The trip also opened our eyes to some amazing work that God has done in the Robinson boys' lives and for that we are all so grateful. 
We eagerly  anticipate 2013 knowing  from our experiences in 2012 that there is nowhere that God will not meet you.  We have seen his grace and mercy first hand and we are entering 2013 as different people more intentional in our walk with God, relishing relationships with family and friends, and firm in the knowledge that Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Psalm 36:5.

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