Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hoops Weekend

For some bizarre reason, blogger is not letting me upload pictures tonight.:(  Oh well, I will try again another day.  This weekend has been full of basketball.  Kyle played in an AAU tournament and David had his first Upward basketball game this weekend.  He looked so cute in his uniform, new Jordans, and his Lebron wanna-be headband.  He looked cool for sure:)

 It is so full circle that he is participating in Upward this year, because last year he went to his first practice and then came home complaining of his belly and life has not been the same since.  To see him out there playing with a full head of hair is hard to believe.  He looks awesome-tall and amazingly healthy.  He is such an amazingly strong and courageous guy.  I am so proud to be his Mommy. 

This morning we had to miss church due to the tournament for Kyle, so Kyle and I listened to a sermon from Oak Hills Church.  We listened to this sermon by Randy Frazee and we both were glued.  Amazingly Randy Frazee has a son named David with a disability.  It was such a sweet time of "church" this morning with my eleven year old riding down the interstate.  We chatted about the sermon after it was over and Kyle is really getting to the age where matters of faith make sense to him.  He is at such a great age right now. 

I throughly enjoy the sermon podcasts from Oak Hills Church.  My dear friend Sarah introduced me to them and I have spread the word to many others about them.  I walk to them at the gym, listen to them traveling, and today I used the sermon to listen to the word of God on the way to the tournament.  Maybe next time I should listen to two sermons so I will not yell so much at incompetent refs:)  If you need a little recharging during the week I encourage you to go to, click on media and check out all the sermons that are archived.  Mike and I both really enjoyed the series You'll Get Through This based on the life of Joseph. 

Better get the kiddos in bed.  Have a great week!

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