Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Day

I am sitting at the computer with a big glass of tea, my babes around me, and we are watching it pour the snow.  It is a serious white-out here in our neck of the woods.  I am not a huge snow day fan anymore due to my hubbie's job, but I will admit that this snow is beautiful.  My kids are ecstatic and already begging to go out in it.  My rule has always been that it pretty much has to stop snowing to go out and play in it. 

I am still working on this new way to upload pictures to this blog and I skipped over a few from the last weeks or so.  This picture of Hope makes her look like a kindergartener.  Oh wow, it seems that the third grows up so quickly. 
She absolutely adores preschool.  Yesterday we were out of school for flooding and today we are out due to this hard and heavy snow pouring down.  She gets a little miffed when Daddy cancels school. 
Last night I got to meet the Jonas' new baby, Sage Jocelyn.  My friend Brandi and I went to visit them at the hospital.  My friend, Suzanne had to work really hard to welcome her into the world and it was such a blessing to meet that sweet new baby.  She is simply beautiful and I am so happy for them.  Their oldest daughter is Kyle's age.  They then adopted two boys (not at the same time) from Guatemala, and now they have added a little girl to their family.  They are living proof that God has the final say in the size of your family. 

We are in for the evening with all this snow pouring down.  It is simply beautiful and we are anxious for Mike to get home safely in this mess.  I have been spending a lot of time listening to podcasts from Oak Hills Church.  I feel like God is reminding me in this season of my life that He is first, others are second and I am third.  I am not sure why this lesson is everywhere for me right now, but I am learning and praying how I can give to others.

Sadly the last year I have had to be so inner-family focused getting David through chemo and all the drama that cancer can entail.  David's health issues and specifically his kidney issues are always on our minds.  I pray; however, that this season I am able to give back to those who have encouraged me over the last year and to those that need encouragement. 

I am enjoying these home days to clean out some cluttered spaces in our home and get ready for the Weecycle event in about a month.  Hope is growing so fast and not only has she outgrown lots of clothes but she has also outgrown some toys.  I want our home to evolve as the kids grow up, and today I am getting rid of the baby/toddler stuff :( 

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  1. Laura we are having a toy collection at Marion Baptist Church for a give away in November for families who have difficulty buying toys for Christmas. If you have some things that you would like to donate some toddler items just drop them at the church.