Thursday, January 31, 2013

Clinic Tomorrow

Tonight we are staying in Radford to get a jump start on our morning appointment tomorrow for David's January clinic visit.  I wish I could say that this gets easier, but frankly the longer I am away from UVA the harder it is to go back.  Mike took David for his December visit so I personally have not been there since November.  I love seeing the staff, but pulling up to that big hospital brings back so many sad memories that it is hard to stomach.

Tomorrow should hopefully be a pretty easy day for David after we get the labs drawn.  That is never ever pleasant but he is such a forgiving trooper.  My eye is always on that Creatinine level so we covet your prayers that tomorrow it will be awesome. 

Despite the lump in my throat I am at peace.  I refuse to live in fear, so I am prayerful  and focused on God's plan for our family.  He has proven to be so present in our lives that I cling to the knowledge that whatever news we receive tomorrow or in the future is okay because God will always be faithful.

I will update tomorrow with hopefully awesome Creatinine levels and the Momma in me is excited to see his height and weight.  Wow-this rockstar is growing so much.  Just this week he outgrew another pair of jeans! Woot woot!! We are so thankful for your prayers.

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