Thursday, January 24, 2013

Childhood Cancer

I know that both Mike and I both have shared childhood cancer facts on this blog before.  We hope that if you have read this blog for any length of time you know that childhood cancer gets a very small slice of the pie in terms of funding for research.  David's own oncologist is also a researcher so for us it is personal that he has very limited funds to work with to save children like David from deadly cancer.

Tonight I am asking you to take a moment and click on this link to sign a petition for the White House to go gold for September.  I think we all have seen the power of the pink for breast cancer awareness in October, so lets start a month early and include our children in the Gold for chidhood cancer awareness. 

I am not going to share more statistics about childhood cancer but I am going to share how cancer has impacted our lives.

Tonight our David got upset when he realized that Hope was going to gymnastics and he cried to go too.  Sadly he only has one kidney now because cancer took away one of his kidneys and adrenal glands.  He will never be able to do "high risk" activities again.  Stupid cancer

Childhood cancer made us be apart as a family for roughly 90 nights last year.  That was ninety bedtime stories I did not get to read to Hope and ninety nights I did not get to check Kyle's homework.  Stupid cancer

We are now no longer naive about the "what ifs" in this life.  We trust in God's plan for our family but we also know that there are going to be hard times here on this Earth. 

Kyle as well as Mike and I know that at any point David's cancer can return.  We know that we are always one bad scan away from being back in treatment.  We live with the knowledge that we could be thrown back into the hell of chemo and that we may lose him one day.  Again we trust in God's plan for our family but it is a burden we live with every day. 

David's body looks like a train wreck from all his scars.  Stupid cancer.

I still suffer from nightmares and have flashbacks to those first few dark days at UVA.  Stupid cancer.

So please take a moment and sign the petition.  The petition still needs roughly 5,000 signatures.  For David and all the future David's of the world that hear the words "you have cancer" please sign it.  To parents like us that live with this burden everyday and to those parents that had to kiss their angels goodbye on this side of heaven please sign it.  God Bless You.

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