Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Today's snow fall was goegeous.  We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland and it was actually sunny and warm so the kids could enjoy playing in the snow.  David and Hope have both been coughing this week so they were only allowed a few minutes of fun outside. 
This little girl was so excited...
until she realized that the snow was so deep that she could not walk.  She lasted maybe 10 minutes before she was crying to come in. 
She did last long enough for a annual snow picture!
Sweet and wonderful Kyle even tried to help her navigate the snow piles but it was over her knees and girlfriend could not move. 
Kyle helped shovel some and he loves to roll around in the snow to play football or even basketball. 
The snow was even too deep for sledding and the boys had to make a path to get the sled to even go down the hill.  David did not last must longer than Hope and because of his bronchitis earlier in the week that was fine with me.  We have enjoyed these days at home getting stuff done but I am ready to get back to preschool next week and I am ready to cheer on our Hornets this weekend in a local tournament. 

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