Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Night to Remember by Kyle and David

Last night me, Dad,  Pops,  and David went to see the Heat play the Charlotte bobcats.  We had a goood time.

We showed up before the game  to watch warmups. Dad took pictures like Mom told him to.
me behind the bobcat players.

James Jones warming up.
Hubie Brown before game.He is a newscaster and we sat seven rows behind him.  I almost got his autograph.
Lebron warming up but did not play, neither did Dawane Wade or Ray Allen.
Lebron walked right by me and signed a ball for the people beside me.  He touched my ball but gave it back to me unsigned.  I was sad but it was cool to see how tall he really is.  He is a giant.  Chris Bosh is really tall too. 
After a dunk david would go crazy. David wore his lebron headband the whole game.
Chris Bosh and James Jones are in the Heat uniforms.  dressed in regular clothes is lebron and Dwane Wade.  When Lebron came out everyone cheered loudly. 
Injury Report.  Marion Chalmers was on it but he played some.

The cheerleaders. 

me and dave
There was a man who worked for the arena who gave out free tshirts and went around dancing with people.  Wherever he went people would get on the jumbotron.  We all four got on the jumbotron because he was in front of us. 

Thank you for the tickets we had a lot of fun! 

Love, Kyle

This is David's take on the night.  thank you. i love lebron james.  I went to the game and had fun then I went to McDonalds and got ice cream.  I love the dunks.  Thank you and I love you. I love the heat.  I love lebron james. 

As you can tell my boys had a magical night in Charlotte!  What a wonderful night that they will never ever forget. It did not matter that their two favorite players were on the bench due to injuries.  They thoroughly enjoyed their first NBA experience! 

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