Sunday, April 14, 2013

Family Fun Weekend

Some weekends you are simply sad for it to end.  This was one of those weekends for our family.  Kyle had a travel ball tournament not too far away, and the tournament schedule allowed some much needed time at home in the sunshine and church today.

After the early Saturday morning games, we came home and played outside.  The kids played and played while we did some yard work.  One of the many awful things about David's chemo and radiation last year was that our yard was very neglected.  It is going to take us lots of work to reclaim our flower beds.  I will gladly work outside, however,  in the sunshine versus watching my baby lay in the hospital bed. 
Our kids are so fair so we had to pull out the sun hats.  David does not care for his, but Hope loved her hat! 
Not only did the kids enjoy the moon bounce, but David is obsessed with baseball.  He wants you to pitch to him all the time. 
This picture makes me belly laugh because Kyle set up his little golf ball stand outside in our yard.  We live on the 7th hole, so when golfers come by Kyle typically sets up his golf ball business.  While Kyle was gone, David worked the golf ball stand and made $1 off of the sweetest guys.  Look how proud he was of that sale!  He blew his dollar in the concession stand today on a gatorade:) 
I love seeing this little guy outside and having FUN!  This time last year he did not have the energy to play and run. 
This weekend Kyle had fun with his travel ball team.  He loves it and he is really enjoying his new teammates. 
His team plays U12 but Kyle is only 11.  That is okay, because it is getting him used to harder and faster pitchers.  Some of the guys on the opposing teams are giants, but that is okay.  Travel ball is all about playing, having fun, and getting better with higher levels of competition. 
Kyle playing second base and his buddy Luke is playing short stop.  These guys have been friends since preschool and they play ball together and even AAU hoops together.  Kyle played second base some, but he also played outfield which he really enjoys.  This is the first uniform that he has ever worn that has WHITE pants.  They are killing me.  I have used spray and wash on them and even Fels Naptha soap, and yesterday I had to wash them three times. 
Team prayer after the game. 

Spencer, kyle, and cute little David had to jump in the picture.  David has learned somewhere where to trash talk, and he made me laugh yelling for the other team to drop the ball!  We need to work on our sportsmanship with him before he starts Special Olympic in the next year or two.  Tomorrow is back to the real world but we certainly enjoyed the together time as a family this weekend in the sunshine.

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