Friday, April 19, 2013

Night at the Ball field

Last night we had an awesome night at the field.  As I have shared before baseball makes me nervous and is not my favorite to watch.  After watching basketball all winter, baseball is tedious and slow for me.  I also get nervous for Kyle because he wants to do his best. Last night he got to be the starting pitcher for our little league team. 
It also happened to work out that my parents got to come watch him play last night.  He was so excited that they could be there.  When Kyle went on the field to warmup I gasped to my Dad that a year makes a huge different and that Kyle looked enormous on the mound:)
His first three pitches were balls and my heart sank for him.  He wanted to prove himself so bad, but the nerves got worked out and he went on to pitch a great game.  They won 10-0 and he pitched one of his best games ever. 
Watching Kyle pitch makes me nervous and proud all at the same time.  Kyle has the nerves of steel that a pitcher needs and this Momma always prays before he throws the first pitch.  Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters. Colossians 3:23. 
Mike met us at the ballfield and David was already playing with some other kids at the field when the game started.  He did not realize until halfway through the game that Mike was even there!  He gave him the biggest hug. 
My proud ball player earned the game ball for his pitching last night. 

Before Pops retired he was an accountant.  He has the gift of number crunching.  Before the game last night he was mad that he forgot pen and paper to keep up with Kyle's pitching stats.  We grabbed him an empty popcorn bag and pen from the concession stand and he faithfully kept every pitch stat during the game.  Here is Pops going over the game stats with Kyle:)  I love it! 

We have many more baseball games ahead of us this season but last night was a fun and memorable night at the field.  It was Kyle's first time to be the starting pitcher for his team, Pops and GG were there, and the weather was beautiful.  We celebrated baseball and family time with ice cream after the game.

Today we are home resting; however, because David came home from school with a low grade fever, headache, and cough.  It is just a nasty virus/cold and nothing we can really do about it, but thankfully he is still drinking to keep that kidney hydrated and happy.  Thankfully we have a low-key weekend planned so there will be opportunities for him (and us) to rest:)

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