Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Updates

Happy Wednesday!  We have had a busy week enjoying the beautiful sunshine!  What a treat to leave the house without coats and with capris and sandals on!  Over the last month we have had so much rain, snow and cold that these last few days of warm sunshine have been such a blessing. 

Today while downloading pictures off of my phone, I found these little gems of David and Hope sporting the Madagascar 3 wig. 
They took turns trying on the wig and then taking pictures of each other.  These two are hilarious together even if they do wear me out!   They are obsessed with playing "Jesus in the tomb game" and they create this tomb out of sofa cushions and then they drag out blankets and put them in the tomb.  Then they take turns playing peeking under the blankets and yelling "He's alive!" It is really precious even if it does get old deconstructing their tomb and folding all those blankets. 
We walked the preschoolers to the library on Tuesday and Hope and Sydney had to sport their shades!  Hope has made some precious friends at preschool this year and she has come out of her shell so much.
I am not really clear when Hope grew up?  She looks like a kindergartener in this picture?  Sigh. 
This has been a busy week for our family.  Kyle's baseball schedule has kept us hopping.  I am also still faithfully training with some dear friends for our 5K to run for God.  We are on week 5 of our 12 week workouts and we are finding that lunchtime at the gym is the best time for us to get it in. The workouts are getting harder but we are pushing ourselves to stay with it.  This has been a  challenge but I am so proud of the progress we are making and I can tell such a difference in my attitude, stamina, and energy.  When the workouts get hard, I just think of David.  He is my inspiration and I am dedicating the  5K to him.  If he can endure chemo and radiation certainly I can run a few miles?!
Mike has been busy at work.  This is the time of year that is ultra busy for him.  He manages it all beautifully with very little sleep.  He finished a board of supervisors meeting last night in time to make it to Kyle's late baseball game.  Last night while Mike and I cheered on Kyle at his late game, Ashley and Matt took Hope and David to Hungry Mother Park for a pizza picnic and playdate.  By the time the game started she had bathed them and they were fast asleep.  Late games are hard on little bodies and we were so blessed to have her help last night. 
The sad news of today is that David's school called and he felt bad with a headache after playing outside.  Shockingly he tested positive for strep throat?!  He has had an antibiotic shot and he should be on the mend in a day or two.  When the school calls me I truly panic.  On a good note he is now 10 pounds over his original pre-cancer weight!  We are simply amazed. 
Happy Wednesday!

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