Thursday, April 4, 2013

This Time Last Year

I have not posted this week because life has been pretty fast-paced around here.  I will not complain; however, because this time last year....
 our life was FAR from normal as David was beginning the intense stretch of his chemo.  He weighed about 12-14 pounds less than he weighs now, he was mostly bald, pale, and he just felt tired and weak. 
This is the time last year that I was so excited looking at his chemo protocol because treatments were moved to every three weeks versus weekly and I was so pumped!  Then his oncologist at the time, Dr. Alisanki, sweetly told me that the reason there was such a break in his therapy was because the treatments were going to be intense and tough ones and he would need the time in between treatments to recover.  We were in Charlottesville more than we were in Marion and I felt terrible as a Mom.
My David desperately needed me with him in Charlottesville whether in the hospital or at the condo recovering from chemo.  Hope was either home or in Radford with GG and Pops. My heart also  wanted to be with Kyle here studying for SOLs and watching him play baseball.  I felt sad, overwhelmed, scared, and pulled in too many directions.  Mike was literally spending his time up and down the interstate trying to be with us in Cville and trying to be an awesome superintendent.  It was a very stressful time.
I never ever want to go through that dark valley again.  When our calendar is full with gymnastics, baseball, the upcoming Heat game in Charlotte, Mike's school meetings, and travel baseball, I will not complain.  We are all together and cheering our kids on in their endeavors.  This is my favorite kind of busy. 

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