Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weeknight Fun

We are so blessed to have Ashley Davidson (soon to be Moorer) in our lives.  Last night Kyle had a late ballgame and she took Hope and David and my camera on an adventure while I fed Kyle and got him ready for the ballgame. 

Dressed in old clothes, they went to the Herb House to paint pottery. I love that they were home in bed when the ballgame started at 8:00 after a fun night of painting and dinner out.  Kyle can handle the late night games, but these two are ready for bed by 8.
Their creations will be ready in a few days, but I love the concentration!
Local friends, Ashley raved about the Herb House.  The fees and pottery prices are reasonable and now looking at these pictures I want to go try lunch there very soon.  I have heard from other Mommy friends that there are group and private art classes for children in the afternoons.  I love this picture Ashley captured of our sweet, but stubborn middle child.  He truly is a rock star.
 I think Hope and David helped Ashley paint this new plate for her new home with new soon-to-be monogram! 
Mike and I headed to the ballpark to watch Kyle play in his little league game.  His true love is basketball but he really enjoys baseball. 
Last night he played second base and he made several great stops.  We won 11-1! 
I love sports.  I love the life lessons that you learn playing sports.  Last night Kyle was clearly safe at first base, but the umpire missed it and called him out.  My Momma bear wanted to break bad on that umpire, but it was a good life lesson for Kyle to walk off the field with grace and class.  Sadly life is not always fair and participating in sports can give you lots of opportunities to build character. 
Last night was a good night where David and Hope got to have an adventure thanks to Ashley and unlike last year, Kyle had both parents at his late night game cheering him on.  Missing so much last year because of David's treatment makes me relish every game and every opportunity to cheer my kids on in their endeavors.  Now if we can just get David to stop trash talking:)

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