Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Whole New Experience!

We are loving our new experience of camping while on vacation in Pennsylvania.  Let me be clear that we are not roughing it at all.  Our cabin has air conditioning, a clean and private bathroom, and a TV.  :)

Before we arrived we stopped at Gettysburg.  This is such an ongoing joke with many of our friends, that Mike loves this history stuff and I suffer through it:)  I did think this Virginia monument at Gettysburg was very cool.  Each state has their own monument and ours is very beautiful. 
David has a little bit of an obsession with Abraham Lincoln.  He watches videos about him and reads books about him.  He knows probably more than I do about Abe.  Here is a statue downtown Gettysburg of Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address.  Love our little history dork like his Dad. 
I did not appreciate all the history stuff, but I did appreciate a beautiful landscape from the battlefield. 
After we suffered through the history stuff (just kidding) we made it to our camping resort.  We have a lot to learn to be veteran campers, but we love this place!  The first stop was the waterpark for the kiddos. 
The huge waterpark was a big hit with all three!  The boys loved the basketball goals in the water, the water slides, and all the water spouts everywhere made for a nice way to cool off.  It was very hot here yesterday with a huge thunderstorm last night. 
After the storm moved out, we tried our hand at a campfire!  It was hilarious watching these rookies start the fire:) 
We have a fire pit, picnic table, and grill outside of our cabin.  The kids loved smores last night.
We went to bed with our bellies full of gooey smores! 
Here is our cute little cabin!  It has enough beds for us alll.  David wanted desperately to sleep in a top bunk but when it came time to really go to sleep he got scared and ended up in bed with us! 
We had an early morning this morning because the kids were so excited.  There is so much to do here at the camp resort.  Playgrounds, jumping pillow, putt putt, lazer tag, movies, activities, and much more keep the kids entertained.  They were playing baskeball this morning before 9:) 
Hope was so excited to get to feed the fish with Boo Boo this morning.  :)  Bless her heart.
I personally feel a million  miles from home and that is a good thing.  I love relaxing with my family and watching them have fun with all the activities here to do.  With our day trip to Hershey and Chocolate world planned we will never fit in all the activities that the kids want to do.  I am just thankful for a slower pace and time with my loves.  The smores and a great dinner at a local restaurant last night were just icing on the cake.

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