Friday, July 18, 2014

Fish and Food

Summer is flying by so fast!  It makes me sad how fast unstructured time flies by between school years.  We try to make the most of each day in the summer.  This past week we have had freakishly cool temperatures which has kind of been awesome. 

Wednesday we hit the lake to tube and fish a little.  This little fisher woman caught the most with four!! We all tried our hand at fishing and poor Pops was kept busy putting the worms on our hooks and then taking the fish off of our lines.  We are high maintenance fisher people. 
Fishing teaches patience and I love that!  David was excited to catch a big one!!
Our Kyle on the cusp of the teen years.  I am thankful for moms at church and in my life that have done the teen years and can encourage me as they are on the horizon for our family.  Kyle is an awesome kid but the teen years are going to be a new challenge for our family.

This picture melts my heart.  They have fought like cats and dogs this summer, but they truly are best friends. 

There is no where my kids would rather be than on the boat at the lake.  They love times with their Pops and GG having fun in the sun.  It makes me happy that my kids love the same place that I loved as a child. 
Brave Dave on the tube!  He has fallen off a few times this summer and has handled it well. 
Yesterday we spent a good portion of our day at church.  Each week a noon meal is served on Thursdays with a devotion and hymns.  It touches me that the folks that come to this food and fellowship meal each week consider these Thursday mornings their church time and that this is their church home.  This week the food boxes were given out during the monthly food distribution.  The youth are involved in helping move the boxes from the off-site storage back to the church to give out. 
Working with youth is not my spiritual gift at all.  I much prefer the younger children but we are blessed with a pretty awesome group of teens at church.  Jackie and Glenn Wilson do amazing things with this group and balance the service work, bible learning, and fun very well.  It is so tempting as a youth leader to lean towards fun to make kids want to come, but Jackie and Glenn are great at balancing it well.  Kyle's life has been enriched by being apart of this group.
Yesterday the youth cooked, served, and cleaned up the noon meal.  It was amazing to see youth jump in and serve.  All an adult would need to say is "I need someone..." and six of them would jump at once.  This group wants to work and serve and I was so proud of them! Here is Kyle serving plates of food to the group. 
This little love thought she was one of the youth!  She jumped in and helped too.  She would give out plates of food and say "here you go!"  It was precious  to see her servant heart in action. 
I was trained this week on how to do the paperwork for the folks to get their USDA box of food.  It is humbling and overwhelming to sit across from another and ask them questions about their income and what benefits they receive to make sure that they are indeed eligible for their USDA food.  I was touched and changed yesterday listening to story after story from these folks. 
So many folks thanked us for the meal and for the large box of food. Most were so grateful for the hot meal and the food box to take home to share with their family.  Little did they know that I was the one blessed.  This ministry is meant to serve our neighbors in need but yesterday watching my oldest and youngest serve and listening to the stories as I helped fill out this paperwork I was the one overwhelmed in thanksgiving. 

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