Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fireworks and our Lil Firecracker

This weekend we have celebrated our lil firecracker's 10th birthday.  I think as parents it is always a little bittersweet when our kiddos hit that magic double digit number, but cancer has turned every birthday into a major miracle.  This kid is here, alive and well because of God and his unending grace.  We still have lots of scans ahead of us and trips to UVA, but this weekend, we celebrate the life of our red-headed firecracker. 

We celebrated with lots of fireworks in our yard-here are the boys throwing those pop-its in the driveway.  This cracks me up!
Our wild three! David looks all content in this picture after his birthday cake of his choice-a pan of brownies!
Raising David is a challenge due to his strong-will and stubborn streak.  On the other hand, not one day is boring with his silliness and joy.  Not many people make me belly laugh like David can.  He is hilarious!

David had a super hero themed birthday presents with lots of super hero socks, a new UA Thor shirt, and a batman headband. 

They were so excited for fireworks that they couldn't wait until dark to set off the little bottle rockets and such that we bought. 
We walked out on the golf course and saw lots of gorgeous firework all around us. 
On our hole on the course watching fireworks. 
Sparklers were a hit with this litte girl!

I will never forget ten years ago when the nurses placed this tiny, floppy baby in my arms for the first time after a quick and very rushed delivery.  He was gorgeous from the start and in those first few hours of his life, I had no idea that ride that was ahead of us as we would soon learn of his Down Syndrome and then of course his cancer even further down the road.  David is my own personal reminder that no matter what life hands you, we serve a mighty God who is mighty and willing to walk with us each and every step. 
Happy Birthday David!  You amaze us each and every day.  May you use your love of music and love of people to remind us all how much Jesus loves us.  God has big plans for you big guy and we are so honored that God chose us to parent you.  You keep us on our toes and on our knees in prayer, but you bring so much joy into our family.  Quoting Kyle from Disney last October "our family would be really boring without David."  Amen.

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