Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So Worth It

It is Wednesday morning and I am dragging.  I have a post-vacation hangover and we are in the midst of Vacation Bible School at church.  I am working in the Critter Cafe along with an awesome friend, Susan Kilby. We get to reinforce the bible lesson with their snack! 

Our theme for the week is Weird Animals-where Jesus' love is one of a kind.  A local animal rescuer has blessed us each night by bringing a different weird animal for the kids to experience.  The first night it was a large tortoise!  Here is Hope bravely touching him!
Posing with the big tortoise.  Hope has loved VBS this year because it has been a preschool reunion of sorts.  She and David both are loving every minute of it.
They love rotating around the stations, but their favorite is the opening and closing in the sanctuary each night where they sing and dance to all these great VBS songs.
Last night Mr. Handy brought a Burmese Python for the kids to experience!  Yikes-it was a twelve feet long!  The kids loved it so much. I can honestly say I have never taken a selfie with a python. 
Sweet friends! 
Kyle as a youth helper has run the worship board for opening and closing and has helped me in the critter cafe. 
Getting their praise on!
Our mission project for the week is to raise money for clean water in India.  The kids can bring in change and then they can put a blue balloon in the "well" hoping we will fill it up by the end of the week.  The beginning of the week the well had brown paper in it to signify "dirty" water and now through the change from the kids we are changing that brown dirty water to clean water for kids in India.  Here is Hope putting her change in the bucket and her balloon in the well.  It is amazing how digging for a well for a village in India can be so life changing because they will no longer have to travel to get clean drinking water. 
Hope making her Weird animal in the critter cafe!
Last night Mr. Handy brought a Burmese Python to VBS!  Ginger and I got brave and held him!  WOW!  I was trying to be all brave, but it totally freaked me out that you could feel him constricting around you! 
Hope even got brave and help hold Reggie the python!  This is one of my favorite weeks of the entire summer!  VBS you are exhausting, but oh so worth it!

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