Monday, July 28, 2014

Back to Life, Back to Reality!

Sadly our vacation has come to an end and we are back home in Virginia.  I will say after camping my large, fluffy bed felt pretty good last night.  I am tackling the laundry mountain already and we are already planning our next adventure camping. 

David has been independent and strong-willed since he turned ten.  He is sowing his oats so to speak! We passed by the photo op with the Hershey Kiss and I told David to get his picture taken with the kiss so maybe some of the sweetness will rub off on him!  ha!
Life is not perfect, but sitting on the monorail looking at these three blessings I was thankful to God.  With a scan coming up the thought crept into my head several times wondering if the cancer is back and this time next year instead of planning our next family vacation we will be back in treatment.  I know I need to have faith but it is always a real threat.  Cancer is so sneaky like that.  August 8th is his next scan and we would appreciate your prayers:)

Watching these two jump like maniacs on the bouncing pillow was a hoot!  It was huge!  This boy was bouncing crazy around David and it did worry me about his kidney.  He then bounced right into David and I freaked for a minute.  Then I saw the kid attempt to apologize but David was giving him a mouthful.  We need to temper this down, but Mike and I both chuckled that it was nice to see him take up for himself.  He is going to need that quality down the road.  Our friends locally are always so nice to David and know him so well that he is often coddled amongst friends, but here these kids didn't know him and he held his own. 
Hope loved loved loved the little kid-sized lounge chairs by the pool.  She said "hey Mom I look like GG!"  Jellystones totally rule for families.  Everything is catered towards kid and parent fun in a relaxed environment. 
I lost count how many times our kids played putt-putt.  Mike was the king and won the most, but I will admit that on the last night I whipped him good.  Have I mentioned how competitive we are?
Our last night we headed into Strasburg to hit the outlets and to eat the best ice cream ever.  Kyle bumped into this "fake model" and his arm fell off!  It was so funny. Both boys bought a couple of new outfits and hope bought some head bands:)
I could sit here and look at vacation pictures all day long, but the laundry mountain is calling my name and I need to prep for Vacation Bible School at church.  I have been looking forward to VBS since last year and me and my kids absolutely love it.  Our theme this year is Weird Animals and it is one of the best themes and lessons I have ever seen.  I will be cooking and serving snacks in the Critter Cafe with a dear friend tonight!  I am as excited as my kids are!  Here is the santcuary where we decorated last weekend. 

I love being involved in Children's Ministry at church.  It will move me to tears tonight to see a whole room full of children dancing, singing, and praising God with all their might.  Kyle is now a helper and will be helping run the worship board for opening and closing.  It never gets old to teach children how much Jesus loves them! 

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