Saturday, July 26, 2014

Parks and Rookie Campers

 We are having a ball in Pennsylvania and the kids are already planning a return trip to a Virginia campground with friends soon.  They have loved this experience. 

Last night we enjoyed the campground.  We cooked our dinner on our grill, made a fire for smores, and enjoyed putt putt.  There are so many activities here that are apart of your nightly fee which means that this is one of the few places where parents can walk around without a wallet!  Ha!
They have loved the putt putt so much!  We get pretty competitive in this family so here is David blowing his ball into the hole!  Ha! 
Last night Kyle and I were enjoying the last few embers of the fire and I listened to my Mike tell Hope and David an awesome, yet far-fetched bedtime story about the Hokie Bird and Santa Claus. They were roaring with laughter and I was smiling around the fire thankful for a man that can get silly with his kids.  Here is also a picture of our cabin. 
Big Daddy cooked us supper last night over the grill. 
Dave with Boo Boo and Ranger Rick!
We have also ventured into Amish country bcause I am obsessed with their lifestyle.  It is awesome to see horse and buggies share the road with cars and trucks. 
We loved Hershey Park.  I could do a whole blog post on why we choose to go to amusement parks  with a child with disabilities.  They were amazing to David and we had such fun.  Here is a pretty view of the park and the countryside from the tip top of the ferris wheel. 
My four on a medium sized roller coaster.  Here they measure you and assign a candy bar name to you based on your height.  Hope measured as a Reese Cup which meant that there were several roller coasters that she could not ride because of her height.  She was so tired one night and desperately wanted to ride something she couldn't and she started crying "I am really not a Reese Cup, with my pony tail I really am a Hershey kiss!"  It was so sweet and funny. 
Here at our campground and at Hershey they fully celebrate Christsmas in July!  Wow!  Christmas music everywhere and decorations!  Here is David with his hero-the Hershey bar!
We also spent a few hours at Dutch Wonderland.  Hope loved Princess Brooke and went to her storytime. 
Chocolate World!  Wow that place never gets old.  We splurged on lots of chocolate and goodies. 
Dave's purchase-a one pound Hershey bar!!! 
The boys on the antique cars at Dutch Wonderland. 
The sky rider!
My crew in front of Dutch Wonderland.  We were impressed with Hershey Park and Dutch Wonderland!  We are loving this area and this trip.  Do we have to come home?

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