Friday, July 4, 2014

Boys of Summer

Today we reached the end of an era here in the Robinson household.  Today Kyle played his last little league game ever.  It truly just seems like yesterday that this precious little four year old was suiting up for the first time in his Marlins Tball uniform.  Obviously he has the opportunity to play travel ball again, Junior League next year, and of course high school ball down the road, but today as the game ended I will admit I had a little bit of a lump in my throat.  How has eight years flown by so quickly?!

His Daddy coached his first team eight years ago and his Daddy coached his last little league team this season.  Watching these two chat while a new pitcher warmed made my heart smile.  It is not easy to be the coach ever, it is not easy to be the coach's kid, and despite it all we have made some precious memories on that diamond. 
Kyle hitting a nice double!  The last two games of the tournament we did not play the best baseball, and it was a double elimination tournament.  They had a great season and made some great friends. 
This picture is kind of funny now, but last night we played Bristol and everything that could have gone wrong did.  It was just one of those nights.  Kyle closed out the game pitching and I tried hard to get some shots of him pitching under the lights.  As I was clicking away the announcer from the booth announced that "no flash photography is allowed."  Alrightly then, but I did get this one last picture before climbing down and turning my flash off:) 
For fun, we got to the game early last night and in the park beside the field we had a fun tailgate/team dinner.  The coaches grilled hot dogs, and the boys chatted and ate together.  Despite the fact that we were one game short of the championship, it was a great run with some great kids. 
Kyle, Colby, and Caleb.  This is such a  great group of boys!  Sports are a great arena to learn some valuable life lessons, and I am thankful for the memories, the fun, the laughs, and the great ball playing with these boys:) Never forget boys that your mommas are your biggest and loudest cheerleaders ever!!

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