Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School

I have been so excited about my baby starting kindergarten because she is so excited.  After our fun years together at FUMC preschool, my little sidekick is now in the big school.  I have been beaming with joy over her going because she is so ready and so excited. 

Today we went to visit her classroom and meet her teacher and I got teary over jitter glitter.  A little bag of glitter and a cute little poem about getting all the first day jitters out did me in and I had to wipe away a few tears.  My baby is no longer a baby. 

Here is the bag of glitter that made me tear up:)

Ms. Powers also gave them this little capsule to put in water with these directions on it...

Wow-seriously, how creative is this?! 

Hope was so excited today that she put on her new dress to go meet Ms. Powers.  Here they are unpacking all those school supplies that she was so excited about.  Her cubbie is right next to her friend Brady, and she is in class with four other friends from preschool. 
My sweet, sweet Kindergartener.  You are going to have a wonderful year with Ms. Powers-your older brother David certainly did!

After visiting Hope's class, we went upstairs and visited David's. David will have Mrs. Storie this year for fourth grade!  I cannot believe this child is in fourth grade.  Not only did David move onto fourth grade, but so did his Monkey in his  Chair, Rocky Duke.  Rocky Duke is also ready for fourth grade.  We hope and pray that he spends all of his year in his bag and not in David's seat.  If David misses a day due to a trip to UVA, a scan, treatment or anything medical, Rocky Duke will sit in his seat until he returns. 
This time of year is when I struggle with wanting to control every facet of my children's lives.  I love them so much and I want to pick their teacher, who they sit beside, what they eat for  lunch, who they play with at recess, and basically everything!  My tendency is to be a control freak about my kiddos, but cancer has taught me to let go, and let God.  Seriously, he is way more capable than me of handling my kids:)
I am over the moon excited about a new service we are having at church this Wednesday at 6:00 in the fellowship hall of First United Methodist Church! We are having pizza and other yummy goodies and then we are having a short worship time/prayer time over the teachers, administrators, students of all ages, and just generally anyone who loves someone in a school system.  It is a great way to start the year off right-by coming together and praying for our children!  After an awesome first day of school come to church for a meal and a worship service.  EVERYONE is invited to this awesome event!  I will be helping serve pizzas and would love to see you.  No cooking on the first day of school and a time to pray for our children returning to school-sounds like a great plan to me!  Each child/teacher/administrator/staff person/aide may bring their backpack or work bag to receive a special tag to place on it.  Please join us!

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