Friday, August 15, 2014

VT playdate

This week has been our last full week of summer, so we are trying to squeeze in lots of last minute fun. 

We have also had some appointments to squeeze in before school-here is Hope getting her flouride treatment at the dentist.  I love this little girl-she cracks me up! We have not seen much of Mike this week because this is a crazy time of year for him.  Hopefully soon his life as a Superintendent of Schools will calm down. 
We snuck in a chilly trip to the wave pool this week too.  It has been freakishly cool here this week but the kids braved the cool temps to enjoy the waves.

Yesterday we had a super special treat.  We headed to Blacksburg with Pops for lunch with our favorite VT basketball player, Seth Allen.  My boys were so excited to have pizza and a playdate with him.  He used his french fries to spell out Dave's name! 

After pizza and fries at the restaurant the boys and Hope had fun shooting hoops.  Seth is the real deal and we thoroughly enjoyed a couple of hours hanging out with him and laughing at David.  David was extra sassy yesterday and he was funny.  He kept calling Seth "hey old lady!"

After Buzz's bunch we are huge VT basketball fans and Coach Buzz fans.  After hearing Seth talk about how amazing Buzz is to the team I am an even bigger fan after yesterday.  Coach Buzz shares his faith with the team and teaches them life lessons that go beyond the game of basketball like money management and character.   I hope and pray that my Kyle will have a coach like Buzz in his life who cares about their character and faith and not just wins versus losses.  VT basketball is blessed by having Coach Buzz lead the team.  Without stepping foot on the court for the season yet, Coach Buzz is already a successful coach.

My boys had a blast playing this basketball arcade game with Seth.  Kyle, Seth, and David got super competitive and worked together to win the highest score on the machine ever. 

Three proud boys very excited with their record score of 299!

Dave and Seth taking selfies.  To be only 19, Seth has a good head on his shoulders and a great personality.  He is going to be very successful at VT.  I know as a Mom I was so overwhelmed and thankful for his time investment in my boys yesterday.  I am not sure at 19 I was mature enough to "get it" about making a difference in the lives of others.  After Dave's clean scan last week this was a wonderful way to celebrate Dave being two years cancer-free!

Thank you Seth for spending a few hours making my boys (and Hope) smile!  We will pray for you and your upcoming foot surgery and know that no matter how many wins or losses you accrue at VT, you are already a huge winner in the book of life.  May God bless you as much as you blessed our boys yesterday!

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