Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Robinson Happenings

So this is a scan week.  That means that we will head to UVA Thursday night to be at UVA hospital bright and early Friday morning for a chest, pelvic, abdomen scan to make sure that David's cancer has not returned.  We have been through roughly seven of these over the last two years since he finished chemo and radiation.  If this one is good and clean, then we will celebrate that we made it to the two year post-chemo milestone and keep praying for three more years until we hit that magic year five. 

Scans are not too terribly stressful to David because he will be sedated.  He is gone from us for 2-3 hours for the entire procedure.  The staff is wonderful that take care of him and we have faith in trust in them and the ultimate physician, God.  He has taken such amazing care of us throughout this entire nightmare and I have no doubt He will continue to hold us in the palm of His hand.  We should know results Friday afternoon. 

These weeks are hard.  I am thankful for God and the peace that can only come from Him.  I am thankful for good friends that pray for us and encourage us through these weeks.

We have been a little distracted this week meeting some new friends. 

This is Seth Allen-David's newest BFF on the Hokie Basketball Team. He and David just connected at that camp last weekend and he has reached out to us and called David on the phone and even attempted to facetime David!!  Here is a selfie that Seth and David took on his phone at the camp. 

This picture is totally out of order and random, but it makes me belly laugh that David was way too cool to sit with us at church on Sunday.  We sang several David Crowder songs which are David's favorites and he wanted to sit near the band and sing his tone-deaf guts out! 
Anyway, another amazing thing that has happened this week is that this little Mom blog has seen lots and lots and lots of activity from Hokie hoops fans reading about the Buzz Bunch fans this past week.  To the Hokie fans that are new on here, welcome and just know that the pictures from Saturday do not even come close to expressing how very cool that event was.  Coach  Buzz, his staff, and players made my child's entire year.  Only God could have orchestrated this new friendship between David and Seth on a week that is stressful in this house.  This little Mom blog was shared on twitter and other social media this week after the Buzz's Bunch event.  Hokie fans-if this team plays with as much class as they showed on Saturday with a room full of special needs kids, then buy your season tickets now.  They are the real deal. 

For a fun diversion from the reality of a UVA trip we hit Claytor Lake today for some boating and tubing fun.  Check out my boys on the tube and sweet girl had a little snooze on the boat:)
While at the lake today, I found out that Buzz's Bunch was discussed on a Hokie website and the link is below.  My boys flipped out because in the comments section someone took a picture of David dunking and compared it to a previous Hokie player whom they loved.  Very cool stuff!  Check it out below!

Thank you dear friends for praying for David this Friday.  Childhood cancer sucks, but our little cancer warrior, hoops-loving dude is getting by with some help from his VT basketball friends. 

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