Friday, August 1, 2014

Life Lessons and VBS

Another wonderful week of VBS is in the books and I am sad that it is over. I thoroughly enjoyed my week in the Critter Cafe with Kilby, my Kyle, and his buddy Riley.

There is nothing like witnessing a room of almost 100 kids praising God and singing their hearts out.

VBS is a wonderful social opportunity for David! He had some dear friends there with him like Caroline, Jocie, and Kelsey.
Kyle really got to fine tune his worship board skills this week working it for opening and closing each night. He trained his buddy Riley on how to do it also! The youth has been there each night helping out as needed. They are awesome! There leaders Glenn and Jackie have both had surgeries in the last two weeks and they were not able to be there with the youth. Without their guidance the youth rocked it with maturity and class. I was impressed.

I love that my kids are blessed with christian friends. In this day and time church activities and God often get pushed to the backburner. I am so thankful that my kids have good friends at church. I am also thankful that I get to serve in Chilren's ministry. It is an honor to teach children about Jesus. Yes I am tired and I have seen my husband very little this week, but VBS was. so. worth. it!

Kyle and Riley helped with a closing skit tonight! It was so cute!

I have learned a lot this week. I have relearned some bible stories and memory verses this week with the kids. I have spent time with precious people that I do not get to spend much time with due to the craziness of life. I have enjoyed fellowshipping with church friends and serving snacks to tie in with our bible lessons. I simply loved every moment of it.

Besides the bible lessons and memory verses, God taught me a huge lesson tonight. I was present when someone got very upset over something that was huge in their world. I was convicted that I must love bolder and praise others more. I was smacked in the face that we ALL have our insecurities, and our own issues and demons we fight. When we are called to love others like Jesus wants us to do, we must smile more, appreciate others loudly, say thanks when a job has been done well, and encourage each other more. This young person reminded me tonight that we are here to love as Jesus loves us. Amen.

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