Saturday, August 2, 2014

Buzzs Bunch Day at VT

There are just those days when you know that God smiles down upon you and blesses you. Today watching our David participate in the first annual in Blacksburg, "Buzz's Bunch" day at Virginia Tech my heart was full of thanksgiving. Buzz Williams is the new VT basketball coach and he and his players and staff opened up their practice facility for a day of hoops camp for special needs kids.

Here is Coach Buzz with his very sweet wife Corey. They did not just come out to the camp say a few sweet words and then hide out, they were on the court with these kids the whole time. They are truly the real deal.

This young man, Seth Allen is also the real deal. He is a red shirt Junior new to VT, and David just loved him. The camp provided lunch for the entire family and Pops, who went along to cheer on David. Seth came and sat with us at lunch which of course, David loved.

At the end of the camp, the players sat at a table and the kids came by to get autographs. David and Seth took a selfie on Seth's phone!

During the camp, the kids rotated around to lots of different stations. They were all fun, but David's favorite was the dunking station! These players were engaged and encouraging to these kids. There were lots of high fives, fist bumps, and cheers throughout the whole day!

After David would make a shot he would perform his little victory dance that the players caught on to and did with him!

Before lunch Coach Buzz had the players surround the campers and touch as many of them as they could. He said the most beautiful prayer over these children thanking God for making them just the way that He did. I was just so happy watching my cancer warrior, hoops loving dude, enjoy every single minute of this day. Our family believes in God's perfect plan for each of us, and though we would never have chosen for our child to have a disability, or fight cancer the way that David has, we know that His plan is perfect.

David and Kyle with Coach Buzz! Kyle was welcome to jump in and participate in the camp, but I think he is mature enough to get it now that these precious opportunities for David are for David only. Heaven knows David has been to millions of Kyle's AAU hoops games over the years so it was cool that for today David, and David alone, was the star!

I was impressed with the enthusiasm the players brought to this day. Coach Buzz has done this day for the past five years at Marquette, but this is new to VT. These players jumped in and were totally engaged with these kids.

They took a huge group picture of all the campers, players, and staff. As we left, Coach Buzz was signing the pictures that were taken at the beginning of camp as a souvenir for the kids. The campers also got a tshirt when they arrived and a drawstring bag to keep up with all the goodies they got at each station. David certainly loved him some Seth Allen today!

Kyle was very shy and definitely was loving watching his brother shine on the court. He did really want his picture with the two tallest players on the VT team!

During the stations the campers and families were taken into the locker room for a tour. The players showed them their lockers-very cool!

The entire day was amazing-from the warm welcome of the players in the parking lot to the goodbye autographs from Coach Buzz and the players, our David loved every single moment. It was awesome! At this point to me, it does not matter if these players win one single game this season-they proved today they are true winners with class. Well done Coach Buzz, staff, and players! The Robinson's loved our day with you!


  1. It is so rewarding to read about the good things college athletes do to touch the lives of these kids. We should here about this more often and not the negative stuff that gets publicized all the time. Buzz you are a winner no matter what the record books will say.

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I'm a Tech alum, and I'm thrilled that your son had such a great time at Buzz's Bunch! Hope y'all will come out for it next year. Go, Hokies!

  4. Hey, I just wanted to say that this is a really awesome story about your son, and all the things that happened in this story. I just wanted to say that I am featuring a couple excerpts from your updates about your son in a Christmas piece for VT blog Fighting Gobbler along with a link back to your blog. Personally, I really enjoyed getting to read this story about your son attending this Buzz's Bunch event along with the December game. Have a Merry Christmas.