Sunday, August 17, 2014

Soccer, Queen Esther, and Baseball

It has been a full but great family weekend.  School starts this upcoming week, so we are trying to squeeze in as much fun and family time as we can. 

This little girl is so excited about life!  Her first ever soccer practice is this Tuesday and she cannot wait.  It was finally her turn to buy something at the sports store and she bought cleats, shin guards, and soccer socks.  Between kindergarten starting this week and soccer this girl is pumped.
We also had a wonderful morning of worship at church.  Hope learned about Queen Esther in Rotational Sunday School and here she is modeling her crown.  We started a new sermon series at church called Me to We, teaching us to focus on others before ourselves.  David our new pastor said something so profound and true- often we feel more welcome going into Walmart than a church.  Ouch!  Several points from his sermon today are still spinning around in my head.  He preached on the parable of the wheat and weeds and my new prayer is to be a wheat at all times.  Good stuff going on at church for sure. 

Yesterday and again this afternoon after church we spent many hours at the ballfield watching Kyle's Riverdogs team play fall ball.  They are now playing 13U which means that the field is now much bigger.  My baby is growing up.  David spent all four games inside the dugout being a cheerleader and team encourager all in one.  He may have even harrassed a pitcher or two in that dugout!  Ha!

Y'all know I am not a big baseball fan, but I love to cheer on my #2.  We are blessed with a great group of boys to play and great coaches who encourage our boys.  It is a fun team!

David thinks he is on the team and here are both teams praying the Lord's Prayer after the game.  I looked over and not only was David in the middle of both teams, but he had his arm around Kyle during the prayer.  I know that David annoys Kyle to no end, but they do love each other so much.  Every single time Kyle came up to bat David yelled in his loudest voice "lets go Big Poppy!"  Kyle just smiled. 

After four undefeated games, our team won the championship!  The first trophy they presented to the team was to their honorary teammate and cheerleader David!  We all about cried and it was so sweet to see him kiss his trophy and then hold it up in the air. Kyle has a bazillion trophies, but because of David's kidney and Down Syndrome he does not have the opportunity to earn trophies like Kyle does.  This was a sweet moment for sure. 

My favorite number 2 getting his championship trophy!  Kyle got hit by a pitch today in his elbow/arm.  You can actually see the laces from the ball on his arm.  Ouch!

I know our days are crazy running from sport to sport and it is only going to get worse as Hope's soccer begins, but I do love every.single. moment of it all. I love the time together as a family, I love our baseball family friends, and I love the lessons that come from sports.  It was a great weekend cheering on our Riverdogs!

My two favorite players.:)

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