Friday, June 5, 2015

Schools out!!

Today we said goodbye to three different teams of teachers and a huge thank you for a wonderful year. All three of our children had an amazing year surrounded by top-notch educators.
I cannot believe this little lady is now a first grader?! She did so well in her patriotic kindergarten musical.
GG and Pops came down for the musical and her kindergarten classroom play. Her amazing teacher made a memory book for every single student in the class!! We had such fun looking through the book.
Miss Powers has a heart of gold and our little gal adored her!
This week was also our last Challenger baseball game for the season. I really wanted the game to be special for the players so I made a sign for each player to hang on the fence. I was so sad to see it end but so thankful for the players!! They blessed us all.

David and Marley!
David sang the national anthem again and despite being tone deaf he nailed it! Ha!
During the season it was also a joy to watch Kyle be a buddy with Korey. ❤️
My eyes are misting just looking at this picture. Two of the fourth grade teachers and two of David's dear friends, Ethan and Jocie came to cheer him on. God has certainly blessed our boy with good friends and caring teachers.

We have big plans for the Challenger baseball next season. We want to continue growing the program and possibly expanding it to include adults. God has had his hand in this program from the beginning and it has blessed me more than the players! My cup runneth over ....

Today on the very last day of school Kyle got to play in the teacher/student basketball game! He had a blast even if the teachers beat them! 

Here is Kyle playing against his civics teacher and basketball coach, mr neese. Kyle has had such a great year with a great team of teachers.
After school got out today we headed to the lake for some fun on the boat. I am so blessed to be mom to these three cuties ❤️
David was so brave and immediately wanted to tube with Kyle.
This little cutie girl loved being on the boat.
It took us a while to encourage her, but we finally got her to get on the tube and jump into the water. The lake water is freezing!!

After a busy week of wrapping up challenger, school events, and saying goodbye to amazing teachers we are so ready for a lazy days of summer!!

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