Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Back to Life

After being away on the mission trip for a week it has been a challenge  to ease back into life. While on the mission trip all you have to focus on is God and serving others. We want to keep that same intensity for the Lord when we get home, but dirty laundry, dirty bathrooms, meals to cook, and well just life, gets in the way. 

Kyle had only been home from the mission trip for about two hours, when he had to suit up in his river dogs uniform and head to the state tournament. I will never know how he played on such little sleep but he did great. They won both games on Saturday.
Sunday they had to win both games to win the state tournament. They won their first game by a very close margin, and advanced to the championship. The championship game was tied at three runs each going into extra innings. The bases were loaded and my sweet Kyle came up to bat. I was so nervous for him. As he came up to bat the umpire stopped the game due to lightning. We then had to take shelter and stay there for well over an hour. Poor Kyle said he wanted to throw up the whole rain delay because he knew when he went back it was his turn to bat. After an extended rain delay and then time for each team to warm up the game finally resumed. Kyle came up to bat finally and our sweet little guy hit a three run triple to seal the win for the team. It was a wonderful win for this awesome river  dogs team. They had all played their hearts out. 
Kyle is not a huge picture taker or a big smiler, so this Picture is precious to me. After two long days of baseball on very little sleep for Kyle they pulled it out and won the state  tournament. We are so proud of this team full of awesome, godly boys. 

In other news hope has started the developmental swim team this summer!! She had her first lesson on Monday and she loved it. 

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Pughs house to play beauty shop to get ready for their dance recital! 
Misty rocked the girls makeup and I attempted to give them cinnamon buns in their hair. 
Then our ballerinas hit the stage to dance their I'm A Little Teapot tap dance and then they were frogs for the studios production of The Little Mermaid. Their ballet dance was to the song Kiss the Girl. 
Hope asked the other night at the dinner table who was going to get her flowers!! Ha! Daddy got on that and showed up with pretty flowers for our sweet dancer. 

It was so hot yesterday but these girls rocked it and were such sweet frogs. We are so thankful for such sweet friends and we even celebrated with the Pughs and GG and Pops at Cracker Barrell. What a fun night! ❤️

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