Friday, June 19, 2015

Closing up camp

The last two days have been amazing here in Clarksville. Thursday was water day at VBS and it was such muddy fun. 

Before the water activities we just had fun with the kids doing arts and crafts, mails, and of course, soccer! Here is my sweet boy painting nails of a precious little vbs camper. We all decided that nail painting is not Kyles spiritual gift, but it was precious. 

Water day was such a blast at VBS! We made a homemade tarp water slide and our youth and the kids had a blast! 

We spent hours on the hot and dusty soccer field. These kids take soccer very seriously and here is Kyle with Josue playing soccer. josue is also going into 8th grade and he and Kyle have exchanged cell phone numbers and snap chat. 

This is a very sweaty me with the precious Stacy. She asked for my phone and put her address in it so I would write her. She quizzed me on my Spanish and taught me some more! 

Our youth had a blast with these amazing kids. ❤️ we all had a hard time saying goodbye when VBS was over. 
Thursday night we celebrated a wonderful week of work by eating Mexican food before closing chapel. Our group had a total of 25 and we have laughed a lot, had a few dramatic moments, worked hard, and tried to show the love of Jesus as we strengthened our own faith. This has been an amazing experience I will never forget. 

After eating Mexican we came back to co for closing chapel. We are so thankful to report that one of our youth said yes to Christ and committed her life to Him. We all were overjoyed!! 
Today has been a free day of fun and we went to the small, alpine town of Helen Georgia to tube down the river. Tubing was such fun even if I did have bathing suit issues. Bathing suits need to fit snugly to tube :) 
Our entire group ready to
Load the bus to tube! 
Tonight we are cleaning our cabins and having a closing campfire. We took our staff member, Allie, to dinner where they just happen to have karaoke set up!!! Our girls and Allie sang Uptown Funk! 
Closing campfire! 
Kyle and sweet Landon
Closing campfire s'mores! This has been such an amazing experience for us all! Thank you God for blessing us with this opportunity to practice living the demonstrated life ❤️

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