Thursday, June 11, 2015

We love summer!!!

We are enjoying our first full week of summer.  The weather has been awesome and our first week of summer has been full of friends, swimming and sunshine. 
Hope and Sydney crack me up! Here they are trying to take a selfie on misty phone  during a ball game. These two are getting ready to have their ballet and tap recital where they will be frogs in the little mermaid! So cute ❤️
The little dude lost a tooth this week and the tooth fairy visited us. 
Pool time during the summer is awesome. We have such a fun neighborhood pool where we have lots of time to play babies by the pool with friends. Our lives are so busy during the year that it is fun to watch my children have play time. My favorite part of summer is unstructured time and opportunity to really play. 
Summer also gives us more time for reading which mommy loves too!! We took a family trip to the library tonight to get more books, movies and books on CD for Mike. 
Kyle and I are packing to head out for our mission trip. We are both so excited and ready!!! 

Hope loves our neighbor mrs. Anne and she drew this picture of her house and also write the scripture on it. Love your neighbor as yourself - mark 12:31. Hope has a craft in her room from Sunday school that has that verse on it that she copied ❤️ welcome summer - we have waited so for you! 

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