Sunday, June 14, 2015

Welcome to Clarksville!

I am blogging from Fellowship Christian retreat center in Clarksville GA. I am here with 18 amazing youth and 6 other dedicated chaperones. 
Here is my sweet reluctant picture taker before loading up! We have the coolest group shirts! 
The five hour drive here was absolutely gorgeous! I followed mr Pete our bus driver and this was pretty much my view the entire drive- the back of our bus and the beautiful mountains! 
Here is the view from the girls bunk house!! This place is unreal! The girls are in a top floor/bottom floor cabin. There are roughly three girls to a room with chaperones sleeping in common areas. The boys are a wee bit jealous of our central air cabins with our beautiful view, they are in a more bunk house style cabin with an air condition unit further into the woods.  All of our boys are staying in the same cabin. 
Opening skit during chapel! 
Some of the boys doing a "grab the shoe skit" during chapel. The theme for the week is The Demonstrated life. 

So far we are having a great time. Our retreat center is beautiful and the Team Effort staff is so great. 

Our work site is approximately 45 minutes away from this retreat center so we will head out 8:30 to head to worksite. We will go to a trailer park that houses 200 trailers. Some of us will put on siding and doing home repairs and some of us will go to the pavilion in the middle of the park and have Bible school for the children. 

We ask for your prayers for a wonderful week! 

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