Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday in Clarksville!

The door fell off to our bus. Because the air condition apparently is not working this is kind of a blessing. One of the other groups here has a Mercedes van. We have taught the youth that Jesus does not want us to covet. Our bus looks pretty pitiful park next to the Mercedes.
The door really fell off. 
Today we went to vbs site and these kiddos from the trailer park were there waiting on us. That made us happy! Here are Kyle and Camden getting some soccer skills from the kids here. These kids can play soccer! 
Kyle on the bridge wih two of our cuties from vbs. this little bridge was built last year by another mission team and the girls were so excited to show it to us. Below the bridge is a wide open hole that was very dangerous. This also overlooks the septic Lagoon. 
This picture makes me smile for lots of reasons. Mr. Pete our amazing bus driver is giving a hug to Pablo. Our other worksite besides VBS is doing some hard-core construction on Pablo's house.
More kids came and joined us for VBS today. We are doing VBS at an outdoor shelter playground area. We have lots of crafts set up to entice the kids to come to the Learn about Jesus. Here is Kyle making beaded bracelets with two of the boys. 

This guy here Jose is also a rising eighth-grader like Kyle. He has some amazing soccer skills. He is in charge of several siblings during the day while his parents go to work in the nearby chicken factory. When we go to take a break for lunch a local missionary brings the children bag lunches.
Here's a group of children painting after our Bible lesson
It is extremely hot here. At the end of our day the temperature in the car said 100°

The girls upstairs found the scorpion in their bathroom. That's about all I can say about that

Our group has been so awesome that as a way to connect with kids coming to bible school, our youth boys have even been willing to allow these cute girls to paint their nails!! Yes, we do have polish remover :) 

These girls are hilarious!! They are working so hard and making us so proud! 

Pablo's house is looking pretty good!  The crew is working so hard to put siding on his house, after sealing the roof with tar. 

Tonight at our chapel service our boys were called up front to sing the song I am a teapot because they left their door open and ac on his morning!! It has been an amazing day here in Gainesville. Tonight we learned about Andrew and the fact that he was a quiet and "less famous" disciple yet his work for God was so important. We see and feel God here with us and we are hot, exhausted, slightly embarrassed about our bus, but overwhelmed at the One we are here to glorify. 

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