Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday in Clarksville

Wednesday in Clarksville has been hot yet amazing. Most of our group went to vbs (except for my amazing construction group) and had an awesome time with them. We ended our day earlier due to the heat index. My car said 106 when we finished for the day. 

At vbs we played cards with the kids, did arts and crafts, and just spent time connecting with them. Many of the parents work at the nearby chicken farm and one of the moms shared with us Today that there  are many doctors and lawyers who were trained in Mexico and then came to America because they can earn more money working in the chicken factory here versus doing their  trained profession in Mexico. 
Here are me and Victoria extremely hot and sweaty but so blessed by these children at vbs. 

As a teacher I have loved every moment of bible school. The kids range in age from 2-15 and often the bigger siblings bring the younger ones to vbs. 

The youth were instructed to connect with the kids and Randon worked on this elaborate sidewalk chalk art with some kids.
Puppies and children- I was in heaven ❤️
Yesterday the bible story was on Joseph and our youth taught the lesson. 
This is one of the funniest pictures of our whole trip. These guys are between the ages of 13-15. They take care of their younger sisters during the day. The trailer park is so large that they load up their sisters in their car seats and drive them around visiting. They are not legal drivers but they stay within the confines of the trailer park. 
I have tears in my eyes even looking at this picture. This trip has been amazing bonding time with my oldest. He has not always appreciated my loud drama, but it has been a joy to serve the lord withh this amazing young man. Time invested in our children or time spent serving the lord is precious.
I have enjoyed my girls in my cabin so much. They are precious young women who have taught me so much. We are so hot and tired but we are strengthening our faith and trying to show the love of Jesus here in Georgia. 

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