Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thoughts to Ponder

Sometimes things happen in your world that make you stop and think. I think sometimes we are all so busy surviving the day to day, that we often do not get below the surface on anything-friendships, marriage, spiritual walk with the Lord, etc.. This week in our community a beloved young guy died in a freak accident. He was a volunteer coach in the community and my boys have enjoyed his free soccer clinics that he has graciously offered in our community. He will be missed by so many and his death has sent shockwaves through our town.

His death as well as my bible study (Esther) have really given me so much to ponder and pray over this week. I really want to live large-but not in the worldly definition that Hollywood teaches us. I mean live large in selflessness and in the way that I give to others.

Sometimes the people around us do not get the best of us. We are crabby at home and smiling and happy out with virtual strangers. I know I have been accused of that before:) I have for so long wanted to do an overseas mission trip. I am not clear how the legistics would work out with my hairdo and all (I really NEED my curling iron) but that is a different topic for another day. I have a heart for missions, but this week it has hit me like a ton of bricks-there are people in my own life right here in my sweet little town that could use a dose of love and kindness. I could give of myself here in my own town within the comforts of my own curling iron:)

I so wish in my life that I could have Esther's guts and bravery and tie that together with the ability to give of myself to others in need. I know it is not time for New Year's Resolutions, but on this random November day I choose to give of myself and pray that God can use this hormonal, loud-talking, silly at times, addicted to my computer, procrastinator, servant of His to minister to people in my own zip code that may need to see Him through an earthly servant. I do not have to travel around the world and suffer flat, frizzy hair to love on people and show them how much Jesus loves them:)

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