Monday, November 16, 2009

Five Months

How can it be that there is a number 5 on my daughter's onesie??? How can five months fly by so fast? She is so much fun (except for today-she has slept about 20 minutes all day long due to gas)!

What are you up to these days sweet girl?

You love to be talked and read to. Amazingly you love storytime at the library but you always take a big nap afterwards:)

You still are nursing exclusively but lately I am starting to think that maybe you are almost ready for some cereal.

You sat for the first real time last week and we were all so proud!!

You are about 13 pounds still. you wear 3-6 months clothes and are still in size one diapers. I am so excited for your 6-12 month wardrobe, but they still swallow you.

You love your bath and also your first swimming time last week. You might also be my water baby!

You are spoiled to me, but you are starting to think that maybe your Daddy is okay also:)

You are at that stage where you grab at anything you can-my hair, my drink, the computer, ANYTHING!!

We are so thankful for you and love you dearly:)

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