Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet friends

This has been a long week already here around our house. Mike left Tuesday to go to a conference and he returns Friday afternoon. The boys take it very hard when he is gone and time tends to drag. Thankfully my parents came to help out.

Here are some updated pictures of Hope. She is really starting to love playing on the floor:)
The two playmates in the house right now are Hope and David. He is such a great playmate for her. He sings to her, reads to her, and overall just gives her so much attention. Kyle loves Hope also, but Davey is the one that can really make her smile. The boys were so excited when we pulled out the bath ring for Hope to sit in and take a big girl bath. David got so excited that he took off his clothes and wanted in also:)

Davey insisted that Woody play with Hope also, so here are the three amigos playing in her gym! I know when my kids are grown I will miss these sweet times, but with Mike out of town I am exhausted!

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  1. PRECIOUS!!! I can just feel the brother-sister bond when I see that picture with Woody! Baths are a big deal when it comes to special memories...thanks for sharing those pictures~ what a sweet thing to see this morning. They are so precious. Hope's eyes look so big and bright...and well, you know how I could just eat David right up with a spoon. SO sweet.