Monday, November 16, 2009

What a Weekend

We had such a fun but busy weekend. One of those on the go weekends that are fun but leave you wiped out Monday morning. Friday night we went to watch our local high school play in a playoff game. We won and will continue playing next weekend:)

Then we spent Saturday and Sunday at Virginia Tech at a swim meet! The weather was beautiful thankfully because we had to walk halfway across campus to park:) It was fun to stroll around the campus. Kyle proclaimed on our trip back to the car that he was going to community college because he wanted to come home every night for dinner:) God bless that Mama's boy!

Kyle swam amazingly well this weekend and hit a BB time in his backstroke. Basically there are time standards that you try to shoot for and that is one of them. The standards are for 10 and under boys so we are thrilled that he hit one at 7. He had personal bests in every swim except his breast stroke, but he had a horrible dive going in that knocked his breath out. As a mom watching him swim that event, I thought his asthma was acting up, but I was relieved that he smacked his stomach on his dive instead:)

Yesterday was sweet Hope's 5th month birthday and I will post pictures later.

Today is cleaning, laundry, and catching up on life. It was such a fun weekend that it is hard to come back to reality:) We had primo seats at the swim meet. We sat with our team friends up above the pool right in front of the windows. We all "camped" out and got up to the window when one of the team members was swimming. It was actually relaxing and Hope was able to play on a blanket in the floor. David went with us on Sunday but stayed with my parents on Saturday.

But this morning there is laundry to do, beds to make, and a kitchen floor desperate for a mop:)

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