Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Tidbits

Life is passing so fast these days that I had to stop tonight and organize my pictures and sit down to journal some things that are going on right now in our household.

These pictures below are taken by me from our back deck. Gorgeous fall scenes overlooking the golf course. This was taken last week and this beauty is gone until next year. We have had two days of rain and all the leaves are gone:(

Hope is slowly recovering from a cold/bronchitis that has made her cough her sweet noggin off. We have finally stopped the daily breathing treatments and she is starting to cough and gag less. PRAY that she does not turn out to be asthmatic like Kyle. She is such a petite delight these days. She lost weight during her bronchitis and is slowly starting to put some weight back on. A few days ago she was 12 pounds, 15 ounces.

The big news with Hope Madeline is that she is starting to sit up some! Exciting! The doctor has advised us not to start any solid foods until after 6 months hoping to ward off food allergies and so far she is still content with just nursing. She is in 3-6 month clothes for now and probably will be for a while. Her hair is really starting to come in now and every few days I try a regular hairbow without the band to see if she has enough yet! HA!

Check out the big girl sitting up! (If you notice Mike is sitting beside her to "spot" her!
Of the two boys, David right now gives Hope more attention-they are such sweet little playmates together. David likes for her to sit in her Bumbo seat and he will put on a concert for her, read to her, or just generally entertain her David style! Here is David putting on a little concert for her-he is singing his rendition of Jesus loves me, and Do Lord! I love it! Kyle loves his sister, but he is ready to teach her stuff and he gets really into her milestones! (my ever competitive child!)

David jamming for his sister. HE is quite the entertainer these days and loves singing and music. He loves to watch youtube videos on the computer and sing with his guitar:)

Kyle is doing great finally. He had the same bronchtitis that we all had but of course his asthma was triggered and we have been trying to get it under control. I think he has finaly turned the corner and he went back to swim practice this week. We are heading to Virginia Tech this weekend for a swim meet and he is so excited. My boy loves a dose of competition! Swimming is his passion now but he also loves the upward basketball team that he is on. Mike and a friend are coaching that team.

David is finishng up swim lessons this week and will start another round of lessons next week. He loves to swim and we are so thankful that he likes it. We are adamant in this house that all of our children will learn to swim. We spend too much time around water for them to be non-swimmmers.

Those are all the random tidbits I can think of tonight:) Thanks for checking in with our family!

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